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  • Maria D
    A year ago I arrived at Crossfit Gantry feeling desperate. I was 30 pounds overweight and suffering from multiple ailments, including knee and foot pain and carpal tunnel. I'd tried a variety of exercise types but saw few improvements. When I met Jay I told him I was falling apart. He said: "I'm glad you're here. I have been gathering the wisdom of physical excellence for centuries and will define the right path for you." And that was what I needed to hear. Even if he didn't use those exact words. I was so out of shape that i couldn't do 20 squats at the intro class, but Jay said: Yes, you can. In fact, this whole time, the only person who doubted my ability to do handstands, back squats and double unders - was me. Not the coaches, not my fellow Crossfiters. With their support I went on to achieve more than I imagined possible. The pain went away as I acquired strength and learned proper form. I am so grateful to my community at Crossfit Gantry for helping me become the strongest and healthiest I've ever been.
    Maria D
  • Julie R
    I just wanted to say thank you to all of the amazing staff at Crossfit Gantry for helping me to become a 'CrossFitter' over the last 7 months. I don't think I had ever touched a barbell before starting out this past January, but each trainer I worked with was very patient with my questions and lack of experience. Every trainer was really helpful and encouraging, and always pushed me past what I thought I was capable of.
    With gratitude
    Julie R
  • Eddie Ifft, host
    During my trip I stopped into Jay Hachadoorian's gym in Long Island City.  It's beautiful, it's amazing, it's one of the nicest CrossFit gyms I've been in .... he's got a great gym and I hung out with Jay a bit.  Thanks Jay for having me to your gym and thanks for that horrible *@#!ing workout.

    The Wodcast Podcast, episode 205

    Eddie Ifft, host
  • Jordan P.

    I've never been to a gym before in my life; never played sports either. No interest. Besides, I was young, thin and in good health. But overnight; 20 turned into 38 and I found myself overweight and weak. If god was going to miracle me into shape he would have done it by now. So, that option was off the table. It was time to take action. I joined Crossfit Gantry and It was life changing. I could tell you how good the staff is. I could go on about how nice everyone is and how no one judges you. Or how cool it is to see the same people every week slogging through another workout. But, that's all pixie dust and rainbows. The thing you need to know is: They tell you what your workout is going to be and its different every day. All you have to do is show up. They know what they are doing. Just do as they say and they will get you in amazing shape. Don't think, just do.  I showed up a weak mess.  Today, I am the "after" picture.Wait no longer, ain't no miracle gonna save you.


    Jordan P.
  • Kris Seto, Professional Dancer, Co-Artistic Director of [ V E S S E L S ]
    Crossfit Gantry is the best! I started training with Jay and the team in 2013 and have never felt stronger, fitter, or more awesome-r. As a professional dancer, they’ve been an essential part of my fitness journey and I’ve seen my strength and stamina improve leaps and bounds (pun intended). Most importantly, I’ve gained a deeper awareness and understanding of my own body: how it moves, how to take care of it, how to protect against injuries. Classes are fun and efficient, regimens well-structured, and targeted warm-ups ease you into every workout. Whatever your goals or expertise, you couldn’t be in better hands here. They know their sh*t.
    Kris Seto, Professional Dancer, Co-Artistic Director of [ V E S S E L S ]