Long Island City Barbell Club

What is Weightlifting?

Weightlifting, also known as Olympic Weightlifting or "Oly" is a strength sport consisting of two movements, the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. Both of these lifts test strength, power, and speed as well as mobility and flexibility. But most of all they test technique. This technique requires patience, dedication, and mental toughness to develop.

Weightlifting is used by coaches and athletes across many genres of sport to develop explosive power and coordination. CrossFit uses these movements for the same reasons as well as to illicit specified response goals during metabolic conditioning workouts.

The stand alone sport of Weightlifting has grown significantly in the United States recently due to it's exposure from CrossFit. Memberships in USA Weightlifting have grown from 7000 to over 40000 in just four years. This growth has brought with it more opportunities with coaching seminars by national and international level coaches and competitive meets being held locally more and more every day. There has never been a better time for Novice athletes to learn and participate in this great sport and earn the title of Weightlifter.

The Team

Long Island City Barbell club meets three days a week and performs the classic lifts as well as accessory strength and technique movements according to a prescribed program designed for linear progression of the entire team of lifters. Although the program is a team effort the weights used and details of the movements are adjusted based on the skill level of each individual. Consistency, discipline, and teamwork are the basis of every training session. You will be pushed to your limits as you push those around you to theirs, all while having the time of your life in the quest for the the savage grace that is a well executed lift at your max potential. #kilosinthecorner

The LIC Barbell Club Mock Weightlifting Meet

On July 16th, LIC Barbell will host a mock competition for its members and we are opening the doors to all CrossFit Gantry members! Since this competition is not sanctioned by USA Weightlifting (USAW), which means that any results achieved cannot be used to qualify for USAW events or posted to your online USAW membership (if you have one).

The purpose of the competition is very simple: achieve the highest ‘total’ that you can. Your ‘total’ is made up of your best snatch and best clean and jerk. You will have three chances to complete each lift (3 snatch, 3 clean and jerk).

We hope to see you all there!