Saturday is Open Day

The CrossFit Open begins Thursday Feb 26 with the announcement of Open Workout 15.1. We will do the Open Wod’s as part of our regular programming every Saturday morning for the next 5 weeks. The gym will open at 9 am and we will do a group warm up at 9:15. Heats will begin roughly around 9:30 and we will run as many heats as necessary to get through everyone. You can register for a specific Heat time on the CrossFit Gantry sign up page just as you would any regular class. You do not have to attend the group warm up if you would prefer to be in a later heat and do your own warm up before you go.

The Open workouts are for EVERYONE. You are not required to be registered in the CrossFit Open ( even though it is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED) to participate. This is an opportunity to bring everyone together, registered or not.

If you are registered in the Open and entering an official score, you will have to submit your score on, and select CrossFit Gantry as the affiliate you performed the workout at. We will then Validate your score to make it official. If you are unable to attend the Saturday morning Open Wod session, you can perform the workout at any time during Open floor hours up until Monday night at the 8 pm submission deadline. You will need someone to count for you so speak with Jay or Bryan or arrange to have a fellow member count for you.

If you are traveling from out of town or need a place to have your score validated please feel free to drop in for the day and participate with us.

We will also please need people to take the Online Judges course for official scoring.  Please register for the 2015 Judges Course if you are interested in helping judge when we do the Open workouts in class.  This is also a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with the movement standards and requirements.   You do not have to ba a Level 1 CrossFit Coach to take the Judges course.

Snow Update for Monday Jan 26th and Tuesday Jan 27th

We WILL have regularly scheduled classes this evening regardless of the snow. 5:30, 6:30, 7:30 and 7:30 Prep class.
There will be NO 6 am or 7 am classes tomorrow, Tuesday Jan 27th. We will have Noon class as regularly scheduled.

New Years Prep and One on One Training Specials


Get your New Years Resolution kick started in the right way with CrossFit Gantry



Free intro sessions every Wednesday @ 7:30 pm and Saturday @ 12 pm.  Register Here

January Prep Class Special: Gantry Prep + 4 weeks unlimited membership $199

New Members who register for a prep class in the month of January will receive an extra two weeks of unlimited membership with their registration.  That’s four small group classes plus one full month of unlimited membership for $199, a $100 savings.  Prep classes run on a two week cycle on Mon-Wed or Tues- Thurs.  The January Prep schedule is:

Mon- Wed Jan 5-7-12-14 @7:30 pm
Tues-Thurs Jan 6-8-13-15 @6:30 pm
Mon- Wed Jan 19-21-26-28 @7:30 pm
Tues-Thurs Jan 20-22-27-29 @6:30 pm

Click Here to sign up for a Prep Course in January.  Not able to make our regularly scheduled Prep classes?  Consider One on One Prep or Semi Private Prep with a friend.

One on One Training : 5 sessions for $350

Want to up your game in the new year?  Need some extra attention for that elusive snatch?  Get a package of 5 one on one training sessions and work privately with a coach on your special needs.  Choose your coach, choose your schedule.

Sigh Up for One on One sessions.

Holiday Schedule Dec 24- Jan 1

The Holiday schedule of classes will be as follows:

Tues Dec. 23: Normal schedule
Wed Dec. 24:  Christmas Eve.  6,7 am, 12 pm.  There will be no evening classes.
Thurs Dec. 25: Christmas Day. CLOSED
Fri Dec. 26: 11 am, 12 pm, 4pm Open floor, 5 and 6 pm. There will be no early morning classes and no 7 pm class.
Sat Dec. 27: 10 and 11 am.
Sun Dec. 28: Open floor 11-1.
Mon Dec. 29: 7 am, 12 pm, 5:30,6:30, 7:30 pm. There will be no 6 am class.
Tues Dec. 30: 7 am 12 pm, 5:30,6:30, 7:30 pm.  There will be no 6 am class.
Wed Dec 31: New Years Eve. 7 am, 12 and 1 pm. There will be no evening classes
Thurs Jan 1: To be determined.  Keep an eye on the website, if you can open your eyes.
Friday Jan 2: 12 pm, 4pm Open floor, 5 pm.

We will resume a regular schedule on Monday Jan 5.

Thanksgiving Week Schedule


Sunday Nov. 23: Friendsgiving Dinner 3 pm at the gym

Monday Nov 24: Normal schedule all classes

Tuesday Nov. 25: Normal schedule all classes

Wednesday Nov. 26: 6,7 am , Noon, 3:30 Open floor, 4:30,5:30,6:30 Pm Crossfit, Powerlifting 6-7:30pm.  There will be no Weighlifting and no 7:30 pm CrossFit.

Thursday Nov. 27: Thanksgiving Day 9 and 10 am CrossFIt

Friday Nov 28: 11 am and Noon CorssFit, Powerlifting 11-1.

Saturday Nov. 29: Normal Schedule- 10 and 11 am CrossFit

Sunday Nov. 30: Open Floor 10-12.


Facility Updates

We had a great first week at Gantry 2.0.  We are working hard to get the gym in order.  Pardon the dust from the construction in front.  The “stage” is close to complete. You will see a lot happening in the next couple days:

– The Kettlebell Kitchen refrigerator will be delivered Tuesday for those of you who order food.
– Wireless internet will be installed on Wednesday afternoon.  Time to start checking in for class again.
– More ropes will be arriving and going up.
– Fans will be installed around the gym
– The rest of the Rogue order will be delivered including more barbells, plates and 24′ more to add on to the Pull up rig.

We hope to have everything completed over the weekend.

WE HAVE MOVED: The same great coaching in a bigger and better facility.

Don’t worry, just two blocks away. Our new address is 10-19 46th Rd. we are two blocks over at the same spot between Vernon and 11th St. Our class schedule has not changed.

Labor Day weekend schedule and Moving Update


Friday: CrossFit class 6,7 am and Noon. Open floor 2-4 pm. CrossFit class 4 and 5 pm. We will close at 6 pm to prepare for the move on Saturday.
Saturday: Moving Day.
Sunday: Closed for organizing.
Monday: Closed for Labor Day
Tuesday September 2nd. Regular schedule of classes begin at the new location, 10-19 46th Rd.

We will need help on Saturday with the move if you are in town. We will start at 9 am. We will need people at both locations to load and unload the equipment from the truck. Sunday we will be organizing the new gym. We we get done there may be time for a workout!


August Updates

-Thank you to everyone who has participated in the Subway Series so far. There are two more weeks to compete. We are currently in 3rd place in the Open division. The next two events are Sunday August 17th at CrossFit Virtuosity and Sunday August 24th at CrossFit South Brooklyn.
-We will be closed on Sundays for the rest of August. Please come out and compete with your fellow members or come cheer them on.
-The New gym is coming along. Painting will be finished on Thursday and flooring will go down in the beginning of next week.
-The move is scheduled for Saturday August 30th. We will rent a truck and move all the equipment from one gym to the other. We would love all the help possible.  Please keep an eye on the Facebook page for moving updates but plan on the Moving WOD to be the 30th.
-We will be closed Labor Day weekend, Saturday -Monday.
-Classes will begin full time at CrossFit Gantry 2.0 on Tuesday September 2nd.

Fourth Of July Weekend Schedule

110630081137_4th of July

Friday 7/4: We will follow the Saturday schedule- 10 and 11 am class. Noon Open floor. Powerlifting 11:30-1. There will be no class at 6 and 7 am or 6 and 7 pm.
* We will have a BBQ following the morning classes beginning around 1 pm and lasting as long as everyone wants to grill. Bring meat, veggies, drinks.
Saturday 7/5: Regular schedule- 9 am Bootcamp, 10 and 11 am CrossFit class.
Sunday: Open floor 11-1

110630081137_4th of July