Friday 03.09.2018

We would like to make the earlier heats on Saturday Scaled heats and those Rx heats that may not get past the muscle ups.  Some things to consider before Saturday for Open Wod 18.3 before deciding if you will do the workout Scaled or Rx:

Can you do double unders?
Can you manage 20 OHS at the Rx load?  They don’t have to be perfect, can you get through them?
Can you do muscle ups OR pull ups? Do you get through the first two exercises and then stand there staring at the rings if you choose to do Rx?
Could you possibly get your first muscle up?

For the Rx’d division: (Ages 16-54)
Men perform 115-lb. OHS, 50-lb. DB snatches
Women perform 80-lb. OHS, 35-lb. DB snatches
For the Scaled division: (Ages 16-54)
Men perform single-unders, 45-lb. OHS,
chin-over-bar pull-ups (for both MU sets), 35-lb. DB snatches
Women perform single-unders, 35-lb. OHS, chin-over-bar pull-ups (for both MU sets), 20-lb. DB snatches

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