Friday 03.25.2016

All morning classes with be doing the 16.5 Open workout.  If you cannot make it at night for Friday Night Lights, you will have the opportunity to perform the workout for a judge and receive a score to submit.  There will be no proper evening classes. Heats are posted for the evening.  Please sign up for a het beginning at 6 pm and running through 9 pm.

Suggested warm up:
5 mins on the row, gradually increasing pace by :10sec/500 every min for the 5 mins.
Banded shoulder distraction
Banded kneeling hip flexor stretch
Bottom of squat sit 2 mins
Reach and Roll 15 reps
Upward dog/downward dog 10 reps
Specific warm up
Empty barbell – 10 Front squats, 10 Push press, 10 thrusters.
5 Burpees
Warm up to working weight on the thruster then
9-6-3 repes Thrusters and burpees.