Introducing the First Annual LIC Barbell Club Olympic Weightlifting Competition Sunday July 16th.

On July 16th,  LIC Barbell will host a mock competition for its members and we are opening the doors to all CrossFit Gantry members!  Since this competition is not sanctioned by USA Weightlifting (USAW), which means that any results achieved cannot be used to qualify for USAW events or posted to your online USAW membership (if you have one).
The purpose of the competition is very simple: achieve the highest ‘total’ that you can.  Your ‘total’ is made up of your best snatch and best clean and jerk.  You will have three chances to complete each lift (3 snatch, 3 clean and jerk).
Attempt details
– Athletes will complete all 3 snatch attempts before completing all 3 clean and jerk attempts
– An athlete following another person will have 1 minute to complete their lift
– If an athlete follows themselves, they will have 2 minutes to complete their lift (more on this later)
– An athlete may move up in weight on the next attempt, but not down.  Then bar can never decrease in weight (unless their is a loading error).  The ascending bar weight determines the lifting order.  Example: Athlete A with 60kg lifts before athlete B with 61kg, and so on and so forth
– Once an attempt is made (whether make or miss), the athlete must declare their next lift.  If it is a miss, the athlete can opt to repeat that weight.  They will follow themselves with a 2 min clock unless there is an athlete also taking that weight with an earlier attempts.  Example: Athlete A attempts 60kg and misses.  Athlete A decides to repeat 60kg for his second attempt.  Athlete B is also taking 60kg, but has not attempted yet.  Athlete B attempts 60kg next.  First attempts go before second attempts, and so on.
– For the snatch
– Ground to overhead in one motion
– Bar cannot stop on the shoulders
– The bar must be locked out in one smooth motion with no press-out.  A press-out is when the elbow re-bends after receiving the bar and press out to straight
– The athlete must stand up with the bar in control and bring his feet together for the judge to call ‘down.’  Only then can the bar be dropped
– The bar cannot be slammed
– Once the bar is pulled from the floor and passes the knees, it is considered an attempt
– For the clean and jerk
– Ground to shoulders in one smooth motion (cannot catch low on the arms and roll it up)
– Elbows cannot touch knees.  This is for safety.  If this happens it is a bad lift.
– The athlete must come to a complete stop before attempting the jerk
– The athlete cannot make more than one attempt at a jerk
– Like the snatch, the bar must be locked out overhead in one smooth motion with no press out.  If the athlete chooses to split jerk, he must bring his feet back together and show control to receive the down call.
– Other rules
– No part of the athletes body other than the feet can touch the platform.
– The bar must be put down in front of you (cannot drop behind)
– The bar must be put down on the platform (cannot be dropped on the floor in front or off the side)
– The athlete does NOT have to face forward to complete the lift.  If the lifter turns will lifting or receiving the bar, as long as the feet are brought back together then it is acceptable
Mock Meet vs Sanctioned Meet
– Singlets are NOT required (although they are encouraged!)
– There will be NO weigh in (usually occurs 2 hours before lifting time)
– The rules will be slightly lax.  We will be less strict than normal on pressing out and some of there other rules
– Athletes with injuries (i.e., can clean but can’t jerk because of a shoulder) will still be allowed to compete
This is a great opportunity to show the hard work you have put into your Weightlifting and/or CrossFit training.    There are no pre-required totals that need to be hit in order to compete.    The only requirement is that you have experience performing the snatch and clean and jerk.
We hope to see you all there!

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