Masters Qualifier Recap

2014 was the first year of the new Masters Qualifier round.  For the first time in CrossFit history, the top 200 Open finishers in each Masters division advanced to an online Qualifier consisting of 4 workouts. in four days.   The Open started with 10,863 participants in the 40-44 division.  I finished the Open in 49th place and advanced to the Qualifier round.

Having the opportunity to participate in the Qualifier has been one of the most challenging experiences I have had in my brief CrossFit career.  I am blown away by the level of competition that is out there.  I was hoping to move up to the top 20 and possibly qualify for the CrossFit Games.  Boy was I delusional.  Not only did I not move up, I moved down the leader board.  Where did all these guys come from?   Oh yeah, CrossFit is growing, blah, blah, blah.

Event 1: 279#.  This was definitely a PR.  Attempted 284 but missed it and sprained my thumb.

1 RM Clean

My busted hand and thumb


Event 2: Amanda 6:16.  I think this was a PR. I should really keep better records!  Definitely not going for style points.

“Amanda” 9-7-5 Muscle ups and Squat Snatches 135#

Event 3: This was my worst event of the Qualifier.  Getting back on that rower really sucked!

3 Rounds: 50 Calorie Row/15 HSPU/50 DU’s

Event 4:  Had to do this one two times.  Miscounted on the first attempt and only did 90 wall balls.  Didn’t realize until we watched the video after.

100’s: 100 pull ups/ 100 wall ball for time.

I finished the Qualifier in 62nd place.  Top .55% in the World.  I guess that is pretty good.  I am very proud of what I accomplished this year even if I did not finish where I wanted to. This has been my most consistent showing in the Open in the four years I have participated and it was an honor to make it in the top 200 to participate in the Qualifier.  Well, back to training.   I am one year away.  Games 2015.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 12.13.39 AM


I would like to thank in no particular order Bryan, Christina, Dana, Justin, Blanco, Eric, Barbara, Dave, Gregg, Paul, Ian, the Conn boys and all our great members who inspired me to work hard.


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