Monday 01.02.2017

Special Sauce Is Back

That’s right.  The 2017 Open Season is upon us.  We are bringing back the Special Sauce.  Special Sauce is meant for those of you who would like to up your level of competitiveness in this yours CrossFit Open.   Every day we will post an extra skill, task or project to work on at the end of class.  These will be geared towards increasing your volume and capacity for movements that we know will show up in the Open workouts. They can vary with time priority or rep priority.  They may be short AMRAPs or EMOMs.  Special Sauce is optional.  If you attend the Saturday Competition class you are EXPECTED to do it every day.  We will try to leave 5-10 minutes at the end of class for as many people to do it as want to.  If if spills over into the next class time, please be courteous to the Coach and class members and complete the work out of the way of the beginning of class.  Lets kick some ass in the 2017 Open!





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