Monday 01.04.2016

Programming Notes:

We are back on the Wendler cycle beginning this week.  Each training cycle will be three weeks, with a reload week or accessory week to follow.  We will begin this cycle with the three major lifts; back squats, deadlifts and press.

We are brining back the Open Special Sauce.  This is for those of you who are interested in competing in the CrossFit Open which begins on February 25th.  Every day there will be an add on to do at the end of the daily WOD.  The special sauce will follow a linear progression with the main focus of adding volume to the major movements used during the CrossFit Open. In addition, once a week in all classes we will be doing selected Open workouts from the past years CrossFit Open to start to get ready for the AMRAP style of workout.

On Saturday we will begin a new Competition class at 11:30.  The class is geared towards those who want to compete in local and regional competitions and throwdowns.  This will be a one and a half hour class.  The first half hour will be independent warm up and preparation.  Beginning at noon we will do two to four  wods within the hour.  If you are interested, please speak to Jay or Bryan.

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