Monday 08.10.2015

Press Week 2
5 @ 40%
5 @ 50%
3 @ 60%
3 @ 70%
3 @ 80%
3+ @ 90%

Tabata Wall Ball 20/14#
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Burpees
Rest 1 min
Tabata Russian KB Swing 53/14#

Open WOD:
Tabata Wall Ball 30/20#
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Burpees
Rest 1 min
Tabata Russian KB Swing 72/53#

Perform 8 intervals of :20 seconds of work and :10 seconds of rest. Rest 1 minute as you transition to the next exercise. Your score is your lowest round of each exercise.

Congratulations to Beth and Dan B. for each placing first place in the Scaled Division of Event #2 of the Subway series and to Andrew G. for placing 3rd in the Rx Division.

Despite having NO GIRLS entered in the Rx Division and thanks to solid performances by Andrew, Bryan and Joe, CrossFIt Gantry finished ranked 4th for Event 2 and we held on to 3rd position Overall for weeks 1 and 2.
It would be very nice to have some girls come out and represent the gym next weekend for Event 3 at CrossFit LIC. The workout is:
3 Rds for time:
24 Wall ball
400 m Run
12 OHS
We programmed the workout in class last Wednesday so I KNOW there are some of you who can do it Rx.  I will be extremely disappointed if we do not have any women register for next weekend!

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 10.51.52 PMScreen Shot 2015-08-09 at 10.52.14 PM

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