Monday 11.16.2014

Back Squat
Week 1
Wendler 5’s
Warm up sets
5 reps @ 40% of 90% 1RM
5 reps @ 50% of 90% 1RM
3 reps @ 60% of 90% 1RM
Working sets
5 reps @ 65% of 90% 1RM
5 reps @ 75% of 90% 1RM
5+ reps @ 85% of 90% 1RM
*On the final set you MUST get MORE THAN 5 reps

General Program:
Wallball 20/14
HR Push-up
Abmat Sit-up

Open Program:
Wallball 20/14
Ring Dips
Toes to bar

What’s happening with the programming?

You will notice some new elements to the programming.  We will continue doing strength work and conditioning work most days.   We are beginning a 2-3 month strength cycle using the Wendler 5/3/1 system. The weekly strength cycle will be as follows:
Monday: Squat
Tuesday: Press
Thursday: Deadlift or Front Squat
Friday: Bench
We need to establish some consistency with the major lifts in order to gain strength.  For this reason, Mondays will ALWAYS be Squat days, Tuesdays Press days… If you need to get stronger at Squatting, always come on Mondays.
In addition, there will be two separate conditioning workouts for the day.  The CrossFit Open is just three months away. In preparation we would like to give those of you who are thinking of entering in the Open some additional elements to work on during workouts.  The first workout will be a General Program (GP) workout.  This will be for those of you who are mainly interested in general conditioning and health.  The second alternate workout will be the Open Program (OP) workout.  If you are planning on participating in the Open in February, you will follow the Open plan.  The workouts are similar, however the Open workout may have additional rounds, reps, loading or skills elements.  Classes will run the same as always.  When it comes time for the metcon everyone will workout together, however you will be responsible for choosing the GP or the OP workout of the day.

Wendler’s 5/3/1 System

The Wendler plan is a 4 week cycle.  Week 1 is 5’s, Week 2 is 3’s and Week 3 is 1’s and Week 4 is a reload week.  Each week you will do the designated reps at the specific loading calculations based off your 1RM or Estimated 1RM.  If you know your 1RM you will use 90% of that for all of your lift calculations.  If you do not know your 1RM for a specific lift, you can calculate your estimated 1Rm based on your 3 RM or 5RM’s using the formula

Weight x Reps x .0333 + Weight.

For example if your 3RM is 200# the calculation would be

200 x 3 x .0333 + 200 = 220# Estimated 1Rm

You would then use 90% of 220# for all your weekly calculations, so 198# would be the number you use to calculate your weekly numbers.  So for warm up set 1 on the 5’s week you will use 40% of 198# or 80#. So on and so on.
At the end of the 4 week cycle, we will repeat it again adding 10#s to our lower body lifts, and 5#’s to our upper body lift before calculating.
It is extremely important to record and remember you numbers.  You can not make any progress or get stronger if you do not know your numbers.  If you have not been using Beyond the Whiteboard, get back on it and start logging your workouts and numbers.  If you prefer having a hard copy, get a training log or a composition book keep track.  Lets try to make an effort at this and get stronger!

To learn more about the Wendler 5/3/1 system you can read this T-Nation article or I have a copy of the book at the gym.  There are also several 5/3/1 Apps available that you can use for your calculations.  We will explain more in class and attempt to answer any questions.

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