Saturday is Open Day

The CrossFit Open begins Thursday Feb 26 with the announcement of Open Workout 15.1. We will do the Open Wod’s as part of our regular programming every Saturday morning for the next 5 weeks. The gym will open at 9 am and we will do a group warm up at 9:15. Heats will begin roughly around 9:30 and we will run as many heats as necessary to get through everyone. You can register for a specific Heat time on the CrossFit Gantry sign up page just as you would any regular class. You do not have to attend the group warm up if you would prefer to be in a later heat and do your own warm up before you go.

The Open workouts are for EVERYONE. You are not required to be registered in the CrossFit Open ( even though it is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED) to participate. This is an opportunity to bring everyone together, registered or not.

If you are registered in the Open and entering an official score, you will have to submit your score on, and select CrossFit Gantry as the affiliate you performed the workout at. We will then Validate your score to make it official. If you are unable to attend the Saturday morning Open Wod session, you can perform the workout at any time during Open floor hours up until Monday night at the 8 pm submission deadline. You will need someone to count for you so speak with Jay or Bryan or arrange to have a fellow member count for you.

If you are traveling from out of town or need a place to have your score validated please feel free to drop in for the day and participate with us.

We will also please need people to take the Online Judges course for official scoring.  Please register for the 2015 Judges Course if you are interested in helping judge when we do the Open workouts in class.  This is also a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with the movement standards and requirements.   You do not have to ba a Level 1 CrossFit Coach to take the Judges course.

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