Saturday 02.13.2016

Hello Gantrians,

This year we would like to spice things up a bit and add more excitement and fun to the Crossfit Open! We will be creating teams, from willing participants, to compete against each other in the Open. Not the next Rich Froning? No need to worry, your athletic prowess will not be the only way you can contribute to your team. Points will be awarded for attendance during the weekly WODs, activities outside the gym with your teammates, enthusiasm/team spirit, and your ability to organize your team.

So this is how it is going to work:

Step 1 – Register for the Crossfit Open via the Crossfit games website and add yourself to the Crossfit Gantry Team (many of you are already signed up). I know this is $20, but this will allow us to keep track of your official scores and you’ll be able to secretly compare yourself to your high school, college, or childhood rivals who relentlessly post stuff about the fitness via Facebook/twitter/instagram/vine/youtube/etc. A quick way to free up $20….drinking the free coffee at work (instead of Starbucks) for 3 days, bang simple! (

Step 2 – Let one of the coaches know you would like to be put on a team.  We will have sign-up sheets for you to add your name to, but we will keep the master list online. Please do this by Saturday, 20-Feb-2016 5pm. This will give the coaches enough time to create teams and the teams enough time to organize prior to the first event. Teams will be announced early Sunday, 21-Feb-2016.

Step 3 – Organize your team and get your game faces on! Your team captain will reach out and talk strategy about how you can score the most points and have the most fun doing so. Team names will be created. A google document will be created to keep track of the points. Everyone will have access to view this document, but only your team captain will be able to enter points. Below is a breakdown of how points will be awarded:

  • Placement within the gym in the OPEN workouts:
    • 1st place male/female 10 points per workout
    • 2nd place male/female 6 points per workout
    • 3rd place male/female 5 points per workout
    • 4th place male/female 4 points per workout
    • 5th place male/female 3 points per workout
    • 2 points per team member who completes the open WOD rx
    • 1 point per team member who completes the open WOD scaled
  • Doing the OPEN WODs with your team/entire team
    • 1 bonus point for every group of 3 or more teammates who do the workout together
    • 5 bonus points for entire team doing the workout together
  • Outside activities with your team/teammates
    • 1 point for every outside activity of 3 or more teammates (photo evidence must be posted to the Crossfit Gantry Facebook page to receive points #CFGantry)
    • 5 points for entire team together outside the gym (photo evidence must be posted to the Crossfit Gantry Facebook page to receive points #CFGantry)
  • Gym attendance
    • 1 point per WOD during the week prior to Saturday, max 5 points per week
  • Team members who pass the online judges course – 5 per person
  • 20 “Spirit points” available each week to be distributed to all teams
  • 10 Points will be awarded for the team who plans the best brunch/outing

Step 4 – Did someone say BRUNCH? That’s correct! The first 4 Saturdays during the open we will be doing the Open workouts at the gym with heats starting after 9am (Week 5 of the OPEN will be held on Friday night, March 25th). There will be some variance here as a result of us not knowing the workouts until Thursday evening. Following the final heat, there will be a brunch/outing, which everyone is invited to. Each week, one team will be responsible for picking a location and organizing the brunch (ie negotiating deals, reserving tables, and ensuring fun is had).

The workout schedule will be as follows.

Saturday mornings for the first four workouts.  Heat times will be posted when we see the time domain of each workout.  Individuals and teams will be asked to sign up for heat time slots as well as stay to count for others ( this is a great way to earn extra points for your team).

16.1: Saturday Feb. 27

16.2: Saturday March 5

16.3: Saturday March 12

16.4 Saturday March 19

16.5 Friday March 25

There will be prizes, other than the prestige of being the best team!! The winning team will receive a trophy and their picture on the (soon to be created) “Wall of Fame”. Each member on the winning team will receive one of the new Crossfit Gantry staple t-shirts. The winning team will also be able to create a custom workshop with any or all of our coaches to work on 3 skills of their choice. And last but not least, the winning team will have their bar tab covered by Jay at our final outing, which will be held on Friday, 25-Mar-2016!!! FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!!!

So let’s get together and cheer each other on as we make this the best Crossfit Open!!

Team Gantry


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