Saturday 02.14.2015

Valentines Day WOD
Teams of 2
One partner working at a time
25 Pull-ups – partner holds top of pull-up
50 OHS 95/55lbs – parnter holds a plank
75 Thrusters 95/55lbs – partner holds front rack

Valentines Day WOD
Teams of 2
One partner working at a time
25 MUs – partner holds top of pull-up
50 OHS 135/95lbs – parnter holds a handstand
75 Thrusters 135/95lbs – partner holds front rack

Open Special Sauce:
EMOM for 10 min alternating
Farmer carry 90/50# turfx2
Sled sprints 90/45# turf x1

Why I compete in the CrossFit Open by Bryan Kapustinksi


I compete in the open because I am a competitor.  All my life I have enjoyed and sought out competition and competitive situations. These competitions have been against another person, another team, another country, or against myself. After growing old (aka turning 30) and retiring from competitive sports, a void was left in me….the regular competition was gone! A couple years later a friend of mine (Parsio) suggested I try this thing he heard about called Crossfit. Him knowing my competitive nature, knew I would be drawn to it immediately. When I joined my first box I met a lot of people who also were feeling that void in their life, and that’s when the competition began. The 2011 open began about 6 months after my first official WOD and this became my new season of competition! I was weak and had terrible form, but when me and my new Crossfit friends showed up to compete for those OPEN WODs it was just like GAME DAY all over again!! If that competitiveness is somewhere in your body (even if it’s buried deep) don’t pass up this amazing opportunity to compete! We train day in and day out, now it’s time to COMPETE!


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