Saturday 03.05.2016

Suggested Warm Up:
1 minute of single under followed by 1 minute of double under
Myofacial release:
Foam roll Thoracic Spine
Foam roll Lats
Lacross ball belly of hamstring
Active/Dynamic Stretch:
Long low lunge, alternating sides x 20
Upward dog/ Downward dog x 10
Reach and roll x 20
Turtle/ Giraffe x 10w/3 sec hold
Pendulum swings x 20 (Hanging hollow/ superman)
Specific Warm up:
Burgerner Warm up of the clean
Squat Drops
Hang Squat Clean with empty bar
Work up to a heavy squat clean

Then 3 rounds
5 T2B
20 Double unders
3 Cleans at opening weight

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