Saturday 03.14.2015

CrossFit Games Open Workout 15.3
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 14 minutes of:
7 muscle-ups
50 wall-ball shots
100 double-unders

*Men use 20-lb. ball to 10 feet, Women use 14-lb. ball to 9 feet

CrossFit Games Open Workout 15.3
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 14 minutes of:
50 wall-ball shots
200 single-unders

*Men use 20-lb. ball to 9 feet, Women use 10-lb. ball to 9 feet

There is nothing wrong with doing the Scaled version of the workout. It does not mean you are less than or not capable. The scaled division was added to the Open to allow everyone to participate at the appropriate level equal with their current fitness and skill level. The purpose of CrossFit is to foster a lifetime of fitness. Through goal setting and training we hope to help you to achieve that. If you are unable to do the Rx’d version this year, do the Scaled version at 100% and set the goal of doing the Open Rx’d next year. Then work on the skills and abilities to make that goal happen.

Please watch the movement standards video. We will review all movement standards in the morning.
Muscle up- the rep begins with the feet off the ground and the arms hanging at full extension. The rep is complete in a supported position with locked out arms above the rings.
Wall ball- The rep begins at the bottom of a full squat with the hip crease below the top of the knee and ends with the ball making contact above the 9′ or 10 ‘ target.

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