Saturday 11.01.2014

teams of 3 Rx+teams of 2
25 Ring Dips
50 hang power clean 135/95
75 Pull-ups
100 cal row
1 partner working a time

October is over and so is the 1000 pull up challenge. How far did you get? Congratulations to Christman and Beth for being the first two to finish. Also deserving honors for completing 1000 are Anthony, Bryan, Christina and Katy. Post your numbers to the comments or on Facebook. Regardless of how far you got, hopefully your pull ups are better now at the end of the month then they were at the beginning.
NOVEMBER CHALLENGE: Accumulate 5 minutes Plank hold (elbows and toes) and 10 minutes Bottom of a squat hold every day. 2.5 hours of plank for the month and 5 hours of squatting. You do not have to do this at the gym. You can do it at home while watching tv, in your office while on a conference call or just plop a squat at a bar while you are waiting for your next mojito.

Plank hold

Bottom of the squat

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