Saturday 11.08.2014

CrossFit Gantry In-House Competition hour.
THe gym will open at 9:30. Please come early to warm up on your own. We will not be doing a group warm up. At 10 am we will go over movement standards, demo movements and answer any questions. We will start with Event 1 at 10:10. The same thing applies for 11 am. Show up at 10:30.

3 rep max Back Squat
10 minute time cap
Teams will have 10 minutes for the two athletes to complete their lifts using a single barbell. The team score will be the sum of the athlete’s successfully completed lift. Racks are permitted.

5 Minute Rest

Each athlete performs as a relay:
30-calorie row
30 burpees
30 hang cleans
RX = 135/95# hang cleans
SCALED = 95/65# hang cleans
12 minute time cap
Athlete one completes the entire workout first, followed by athlete two. After the last hang clean the athlete must tag the next teammate on the rower before they may begin. The team’s score is its total time.

5 Minute Rest

Pairs of two complete:
50 thrusters while the other partner holds the front rack position
Rx: 105/75# Scaled 75/45#
50 Pull ups while partner holds a hanging position
50 OHS while partner holds a handstand
Rx: 105/75# Scaled 75/45#
15 minute time cap
One partner “working” one partner partner “holding”.
Partners can divided the work in any fashion.


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