Thursday 02.11.2015

Deadlift Week 2
Wendler 3’s
Warm up sets
5 reps @ 40% of 90% 1RM
5 reps @ 50% of 90% 1RM
3 reps @ 60% of 90% 1RM
Working sets
3 reps @ 70% of 90% 1RM
3 reps @ 80% of 90% 1RM
3+ reps @ 90% of 90% 1RM

* On the final set you MUST get MORE THAN 3 reps

Squat clean 115/75#
Jerk 115/75#

CrossFit Games Open Workout 11.3
Squat clean 165/110#
Jerk 165/110#

Open Special Sauce:
MUs – 3x ME
rest 2 minutes between sets

The CrossFIt Games Open begins two weeks from today with the announcement of the first workout. Our team is growing. I would really like to see more of you registering to participate. I would especially like to see more of the girls signing up. The CrossFit Open is for everyone. New, Old, Good and Great. The Scaled division this year adds a new element and allows even deeper participation from everyone. You can choose each week if you will do Rx or Scaled. This is a great opportunity to test yourself and see where how you compare to last year or establish a baseline to compare to years to come. So sign up, lace up and participate with us!

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