Thursday 08.11.2016

10-1 Push-up
1 squat clean 225-205-185/145-125-105
1-10 Banded C2B Pull-ups
Open WOD:
10-1 HSPU
1 squat clean 225-205-185/145-125-105
1-10 C2B Pull-ups

Tonight is the registration deadline for Event 2 of the Subway series.  There are still slots left.  Don’t forget therein a scaled division.  We will be using rope assisted pull ups for the scaled division.  We have been doing these in class the last several weeks, so therein no reason why everyone can’t participate.  You should be experts these by now!

“Not Legless With A Heavy Ball” – Scaled Division Version!
For Time:27 Wall Ball Shots, 20/12# to 9’10 Rope-Assisted Pull-Up21 Wall Ball Shots8 Rope-Assisted Pull-Up15 Wall Ball Shots6 Rope-Assisted Pull-Up9 Wall Ball Shots4 Rope-Assisted Pull-Up

Scaled division athletes — get ready to try something fun and new in week 2 @crossfitgantry: the rope-assisted pull-up! For your first workout, you’ll be doing pull-ups using a rope climb foot lock to help you get over the bar. Take a look at the description below and give it a try

Each rep begins with the athlete hanging from the pull-up bar with arms fully extended. Athlete must lock the rope around their feet in a S- or J-wrap, and use the assistance of their lock to pull their chin over the horizontal plane of the pull-up bar. Athletes must unwrap their feet after every rep and rewrap.


Katy getting  after it on the rower at the Subway Series Event 1.


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