Tuesday 09.02.2014

CrossFit Total
1 RM Back Squat
1 RM Press
1 RM Deadlift
Max 3 attempts per lift. You may not go down in weight if you fail. You may attempt it again or go up if you have a remaining attempt left.

REMINDER:  Our new address is 10-19 46th Rd.  Between Vernon and 11th st. two blocks over from the old space.
Classes will resume on our regular schedule: 6,7 am, Noon, 5:30,6:30, 7:30 pm.   The water cooler will be moved over during the week.  Please bring water for now.  A trip to Costco will be happening hopefully tomorrow.  Fans are being ordered and will be on the way.  The wireless internet will be installed this week.  Please sign in for classes on your phone or computer.  You will not have to sign in on the iPad this week.  The cube unit in the back can be used for daily items, but please do not leave your shoes or lifting equipment in the gym for now.  We still have a lot of organizing to do and do not need to move around extra things. Proper  daily cubbies and some form of lockers will be on the way shortly.

We worked tirelessly over the weekend to get Gantry2.0 ready for everyone. Thank you to all who came and helped on moving day and over the weekend. We moved over 10,000 lbs worth of equipment. We almost broke the rear axle of the moving truck.

There are a couple people I would like to recognize for their work above and beyond what was expected or asked. A special thanks goes out to Bryan for being there all weekend long. Four trips to Home Depot in one day may be a new pr! Dana and Justin for their input, advice and expertise. Jon and Keri for working late into the night with us both Friday and Saturday. And Christina for putting up with me the whole weekend and giving up the holiday weekend.

Looking slightly tilted to the left.

The platform might have been the heaviest thing that was moved.



There is still some work to do but it was a solid beginning.



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