Tuesday 09.08.2015

Back Squat 1 RM

HR push-up
Hang power clean 115/75#

Open WOD:
Hang power clean 165/105#

As we enter into the fall and a new training cycle, we should take a moment to assess and define what it is we are here to do. Why do we do CrossFit, and what defines CrossFit?

Whether your goal is to get stronger, lose weight, get faster or to just be healthier, the program does not change. We do CrossFit. CrossFit is defined as “Constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity.” Once you have perfected the movements, intensity is the key. We believe that that intensity is the difference maker in becoming fit or not.

Dictionary.com defines intensity as 1. great energy, strength, concentration, vehemence, etc., as of activity, thought, or feeling  OR 2. magnitude, as of energy or a force per unit of area, volume, time, etc.

We define intensity as increased work capacity across broad time and modal domain. This is also our definition of Fitness. If you do more work in less time you have increased your intensity and improved your fitness.

Do not confuse intensity with effort. It is assumed that if you are attending CrossFit classes you will be giving maximal effort in every workout. You are expected to try hard. However we also do expect you to work at maximum intensity for the task that you are given. Again, this is different than effort.

Intensity can be increased with load, volume, speed or time. In general, our two main focuses for intensity are lifting heavier and moving faster. We follow a periodized and progressed strength protocol to improve your maximum strength. If you can lift heavier weight, you can lift lighter weight more frequently. That brings us to moving faster. Again, our goal is always to do more work in less time. This is where intensity comes in. Only by working at maximum intensity can you achieve this.

And this is the major difference between CorssFit and other workout programs. There is no other training methodology or program out there that is as defined and goal oriented as CrossFit. Not Soul Cycle, Barry’s Bootcamp, HIIT, Zumba or any other. We are not here to yell in your face or be your cheerleader. We are here to coach you to be better today than you were yesterday. So ask yourself when you come in “ What am I here for? What am I willing to do? Am I prepared to work at maximum intensity?”

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