Wednesday 02.18.2015

For time:
Lateral bar hops
Abmat sit-ups
*rest approx 5 minutes
5 RFT:
12 Deadlift 115/75#
9 Hang power clean 115/75#
6 Push jerk 115/75#
Double unders
Abmat sit-ups
*rest approx 5 minutes
5 RFT:
12 Deadlift 155/105#
9 Hang power clean 155/105#
6 Push jerk 155/105#

Open Special Sauce:
3x Max reps HSPU

Why I’m signed up for the 2015 Open by Anthony Parsio



There are several reasons why I signed up for the 2015 CrossFit Open—qualifying for the Northeast Regionals was not among them.

For some—proportionally, very few—the Open is the first test on a road to prove one’s standing against the most fit men and women in the world. I don’t make that shortlist.

Throughout my life I have competed with and against individuals who have taken their athletic journeys further than mine—and their journeys have been awesome, entertaining, even at times inspiring; but because those individuals have run faster, longer, hit harder, posted better scores, or showed more potential, doesn’t undermine my journey or my achievements—regardless of how they compare on a stat sheet.

I signed up for the Open—just as I did the year before, and the year before that, and so on since the Open existed—to test myself against my training partners (at Gantry), against my rivals across the five boroughs, against individuals from all 50 States and the 7 continents (maybe not Antarctica). Among those will be friends and co-workers, former and new rivals alike. I expect to beat a lot of people, and I expect to be beaten by a lot, but most importantly, I expect to relish the competition, to witness a little awesomeness and occasionally be inspired, all the while, thankful I was a part of it.

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