Wednesday 07.27.2016

10 minutes to work up to a heavy power or squat snatch

EMOM 10 (alternating)
5 C2B
10 One-arm DB snatch AHAP

Open WOD:
EMOM 10 (alternating)
3 Bar MU
10 One-arm DB snatch AHAP

Don’t forget to register for The NYC Subway Series.  You can do any or all of the weekends.  We will be hosting the second weekend, Sunday August 14th.  Don’t feel like competing?  We will need volunteers and judges to help us show the rest of the NYC CrossFit gyms who has the greatest members and community.

The NYC Subway Series pits NYC’s affiliates against one another in an epic showdown: each weekend in August we throw down at a different NYC box.

All NYC affiliates are invited to participate: the affiliate with the best overall score at the end of four events wins the Subway Series Trophy and bragging rights for a whole year!

2014 Gantry Squad


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