Wednesday 11.20.2013

AMRAP 20 mins:
5 Thrusters 95/65#
10 Hang Power Cleans
15 Deadlifts

I would like to take a minute to acknowledge the hard work and improvement by EVERYONE! Yesterday was one of my proudest days at CrossFit Gantry and one of my proudest days as a coach. We had one of our busiest days to date with over half our membership coming in to WOD yesterday. Add on top of that the number of PR’s we had and I am extremely proud. I know I am not one to stress PR’s as much as others, but that does not mean I do not recognize the accomplishment. A PR is a Personal Record. It does not only refer to the time on the clock or a new top weight in a lift. A PR is any feat of improvement. Using a blue band instead of a green band is a PR. Using a 16k kettle bell instead of a 12k one is a PR. Or a 12k instead of an 8k. And doing a workout Rx’ed for the first time is a huge PR! Congratulations to you all. I am proud of you all.
Thank you and keep it up.

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