New Years Eve Tuesday 12.31.2013

5 rounds
5 rings dips
10 ring rows
30 double unders

Schedule Reminder: The gym will be closing at 1 pm today for New Years Eve. Have a safe and fun NYE! Do some burps at midnight. We will have a special New Years Day workout tomorrow at Noon to sweat the alcohol out and start the New Years off right! Bryan will be going to bed early so he is nice and fresh fro everyone tomorrow.

On behalf of myself and Al, I would like to say thank you to everyone for a great year at CrossFIt Gantry.  It has really exceeded all my expectations!  We have worked very hard to create a great space and environment for everyone to come train in.  And I think we have built an amazing community in our little gym.  I have seen so much growth and improvement among so many of you I can barely even begin to list it.  I am looking forward for what 2014 holds for us.  It can be nothing short of great!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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