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Tuesday 08.20.2019

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We saw lots of pistols go down at the #CrossFitGames – so here’s a way you can train them! . | PISTOLS ??| … We love them and here’s a way everyone can work to their level – so don’t shy away from this skill! …. Here are a few Pistol Squat Progressions that can also be used as a class warm-up to help your athletes find the appropriate scale for them. ••• 1. Narrow Squat 2. Toenail Spot 3. Single Leg Ankle Spot 4. Narrow Squat to Single Leg Stand 5. Pistols ••• When doing pistols (and the progressions), the weight should be midfoot rather than the heel. If you put too much weight in the heel, as you get to the bottom of the pistol you’ll lose balance and fall backward. Keeping the weight mid-foot allowed you to counter balance your weight and maintain depth. This being said, the heel should still remain on the ground. . ——— . Demo @estradaflys #crossfittraining #CrossFitPreferredCourse #CPC #TGCourse #TGCfamily

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