Memorial Day Murph 05.31.2021

It has been too long, but things are almost back to normal.  We missed our Annual Memorial Day Murph, but IT”S BACK!


We will have three 1.5 hour heats starting at 8 am.  You can sign up in your Zen Planner App for the 8, 9:30 or 11 am Heat.  There will be 24 slots available in each heat.  We will start with a short warm up and 3,2,1…GO. 


The Murph Workout

1 Mile Run

100 Pull ups

200 Push Ups

300 Squats.

1 Mile Run


a note on vests: If you have never done the Murph workout before, DO NOT WEAR A VEST.

If you have never completed it Rx’ed, DO NOT WEAR A VEST

If you can’t do 10 strict pull ups,  DO NOT WEAR A VEST.

If you run slower than a 10 minute mile, DO NOT WEAR A VEST.



After the last heat we will head over to our good friends at Fifth Hammer Brewery.  They will be opening at Noon for some Memorial Day Festivities.  Everyone who finishes the workout will get a drink ticket, good for beer ON ME as a thank you for getting CrossFIt Gantry through one of the toughest years since we opened!

COVID Holiday Schedule

Thurs Dec 24 6:30, 7:30 am, 12 pm. Closing 1 pm
Fri Dec 25 Closed
Sat Dec 26 Normal schedule
Sun Dec 27 Closed
Mon Dec 28-Wed Dec 30 Normal Schedule
Thurs Dec 31 6:30, 7:30 am, 12 pm. Closing 1 pm
Fri Jan 1- Mon Jan 4 Closed
Re-Openieng with a normal schedule on Tuesday Jan 5

the Yard is Open

We have a full schedule of classes at our new outdoor location, the Yard, 46-16 Vernon Blvd, around the corner from the gym.  Please remember to reserve your class spots through the Zen Planer App or create a new account  and reserve by clicking on the calendar below. 

View Our Calendar 

We are currently CLOSED Due to Covid-19

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic we are currently closed until further notice. All members are encouraged to join our Private Facebook Group to keep up to date with all announcements and updates. We are currently hosting a series of Outdoor WODs (while we still can) and in the process of creating a Remote Video Home WOD with Google Hangouts.
If you are a potential New Member you are encouraged to follow our website for updates and even do some of the Home WODs on your own. We look forward to meeting you as soon as things are back to normal.

Christmas/ New Years Week Schedule

Tuesday Dec 24th Christmas Eve
CrossFit 6,7 am, 11 am and 12 pm. Weightlifting 7am.
We will be closing at 1 pm

Wednesday Dec 25th Christmas Day CLOSED

Tuesday Dec 31st New Years Eve
CrossFit 6,7 am, 11 am and 12 pm. Weightlifting 7am.
We will be closing at 1 pm

Wednesday Jan 1st New Years Day CLOSED

The rest of the schedule will follow our normal weekly schedule.

Thanksgiving Week/Weekend Schedule

The Thanksgiving weekend schedule will be as follows, based on last years schedule and attendance.

Wednesday Nov 27th – 6,7 am, 11am Open floor, 12 pm, 4 pm Open floor. 5,6 pm. Powerlifitng 5-7 pm.
We will close at 7 pm so there will be no 7 or 8 pm class.

Thanksgiving Day Nov 28th – Closed

Friday Nov 29th – 10, 11 am, 12 pm. Powerlifitng 11-1 pm.
There will be no early morning or evening classes or Open floor.

Saturday Nov 30 th – 8,9,10, 11 am. Weightlifting 8:30-10 am.
Normal Saturday schedule.

Sunday Dec 1st – Open Floor 9-11

End of August/ Labor Day Weekend Schedule

Sunday August 25th: Closed (No Open floor)
Friday August 30th: CrossFit 6,7 am, 12, 5, 6 pm
Powerlifting 5-7 pm
Saturday August 31st: CrossFit 8, 9, 10, 11 am
Weightlifting 11-12:30
Sunday September 1st: Closed (No Open floor)
Monday September 2nd, Labor Day: Closed

We will resume our regular class schedule on Tuesday September 3rd.
Have a great Labor Day Holiday

Fourth of July Week/ Weekend Schedule

Wednesday July 3rd: No 8 pm Class
Thursday July 4th: 9, 10, 11 am, Noon. No Evening classes.
Friday July 5th: 7, 11 am, Noon, 5, 6 pm. No 6 am or 7 pm class. Powerlifting 5-7 pm.
Saturday July 6th: 8, 9, 10, 11 am. Plyometrics Workshop 1-3 pm.

Memorial Day Weekend Schedule

Friday May 24th: NO 7 pm Class.  Powerlifting 5-7pm. Gym Closing at 7 pm. 
Saturday May 25th: 8, 9, 10, 11 am CrossFit; Weightlifting 11-12:30
Sunday May 26th: Open Floor 9-11 am 
Monday May 27th: Memorial Day Murph
                                   Heats Start @ 9, 10, 11, 12; Powerlifting 10-12
                                   BBQ to follow 

Dropping in During the 2019 Open

We love having out of town guests at CrossFit Gantry. Traveling can be very stressful, especially during Open season.  Where will you do your workout?  Will there be someone to judge you? Will your score be validated?

We like to make it as easy as possible for visitors to get there workout in, be judged and have your score validated.  We do the Open workouts as a gym on Saturday mornings in our regular programming.  Heat times are listed and we require all our members to sign up for a slot.

So if you will be in town and are looking to get your Open workout in, please follow these steps:

Email and let me know when you will be in town and when you would like to come in to do the workout.
Go to our Online calendar. Click on the heat time you would like to attend.  Select New Here and “Sign Up.”  Then scroll down and select “Drop In.”  Fill out the information and online waiver and you will be all set.  (Heat times and number of athletes in each will var9 slightly once the workouts are announced each Thursday night).
Show up 30 minutes before  your heat time to get settled,  warm up and be briefed on the workout.
Our drop in fee is $30.  If you would like to attend a time that is not on a Saturday morning during the Open heats, please specify that in your email so we can organize a judge for you.

Good luck in the 2019 Open.