Dropping in During the 2019 Open

We love having out of town guests at CrossFit Gantry. Traveling can be very stressful, especially during Open season.  Where will you do your workout?  Will there be someone to judge you? Will your score be validated?

We like to make it as easy as possible for visitors to get there workout in, be judged and have your score validated.  We do the Open workouts as a gym on Saturday mornings in our regular programming.  Heat times are listed and we require all our members to sign up for a slot.

So if you will be in town and are looking to get your Open workout in, please follow these steps:

Email jay@crossfitgantry.com and let me know when you will be in town and when you would like to come in to do the workout.
Go to our Online calendar. Click on the heat time you would like to attend.  Select New Here and “Sign Up.”  Then scroll down and select “Drop In.”  Fill out the information and online waiver and you will be all set.  (Heat times and number of athletes in each will var9 slightly once the workouts are announced each Thursday night).
Show up 30 minutes before  your heat time to get settled,  warm up and be briefed on the workout.
Our drop in fee is $30.  If you would like to attend a time that is not on a Saturday morning during the Open heats, please specify that in your email so we can organize a judge for you.

Good luck in the 2019 Open.

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