Best coaching and programming

Our goal at CrossFit Gantry is to provide our members with the best coaching and programming we can.   In true CrossFit fashion our Programming is broad, varied and inclusive.  We break the year down into training cycles and use the varied programming to reach specific goals during each cycle.   On top of being great CrossFitters, our coaches are trained CrossFit Instructors.   We are the ONLY CrossFit Gym in New York with four Certified CrossFit L3 Trainers. Our coaches hold specialties in CrossFit Endurance, Gymnastics, Powerlifting and Olympic lifting as well as a multitude of Non CrossFit specialties and certifications.  We regularly attend workshops and seminars as a team and hold in house training to make us better coaches for our members.   Pricing:

  • Silver Membership (12 classes/ month) $260 
  • Gold Membership (Unlimited Classes) $285 
  • Platinum Membership (Unlimited CrossFIt and Weightlifting) $305