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Most effective way to achieve your individual fitness goals
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Gantry Prep is required to all new members who have never done CrossFit. The Gantry Prep Package exposes you to the benefits of both Private Coaching AND Group classes. Gantry Prep includes 4 One on One sessions + One month Unlimited membership.  At the end of the Gantry Prep you can decide to continue with Group Classes, Private Coaching OR a Combo of BOTH.   One-on-One coaching is the most effective way to achieve your individual fitness goals and gain mastery of our foundational movements. The Private Prep Course consists of four 60-minute one on one classes. During your sessions, you will learn how to safely and effectively perform our program’s most common movements. Our coaches will provide instruction and a progressive introduction to the 9 foundational movements as well as some of the most common CrossFit exercises. Your Coach will help you to identify limitations, give you flexibility or strength work to address them, and give you scaling options for workouts. The coach will tailor the pace of instruction and the rigor of your sessions specifically to your fitness capacity.   Upon completion of your 4 Private sessions, you will be ready to join in our regularly scheduled CrossFit classes. Your Gantry Prep Package INCLUDES One (1) month Unlimited Gold Membership. Jump into classes and throw down with our other members. Group classes are a great way to push yourself to the next level with some new training partners. If you are ready to commit long term we also have 3 Month and 6 Month Gold Membership options available with your 6 Prep Privates.   Intro Class Features:

  • Intro to Fitness 
  • Fundamentals
  • Athletic Development Course

  Pricing: $699 6 One on One sessions + 1 Month Unlimited membership