Thursday 11.05.2015

We have 10 simple rules in the gym and we take them seriously.   Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with this short list.


  1. Be on time for class and remember to sign in.
  2. Clean equipment and put it back in its proper place at the end of class.
  3. Do not drop empty barbells.
  4. Do not needlessly drop your weights.  We want to be courteous to our neighbors and practice safety for everyone in class.
  5. Chalk belongs in the bucket or on your hands.   Not on the floor, on a box or on the rig.  Don’t be a chalk monster.
  6. Keep all kettlebells, bars and plates OFF the turf.  And NEVER drop a kettlebell on the turf.
  7. Keep the bathrooms clean.  Please do not put paper towels in the toilet bowl.  Guys, use your aim, and please put the seats down.
  8. In the case of injury or travel, a membership can be placed on hold for a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 3 months.  Please place any hold requests in writing and email to  A membership can be placed on hold a maximum of two (2) times in one calendar year.
  9. All membership cancellation requests must be placed in writing and sent to with thirty days notice.

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