Abby spent a better portion of her life avoiding the gym and physical activity. Realizing that this was not a healthy way to live, she started exploring different workout regiments. She eventually discovered CrossFit Gantry, and fell in love with CrossFit and with the measurable results that were being made. She is now in the best shape of her life, and has competed in both Powerlifting and Weightlifting meets, runs Spartan races and even runs the occasional 5 k race. Four years after starting CrossFit, she was urged by her coaches to take the CF Level 1 weekend seminar and to work towards becoming a coach herself. Inspired by them and her own accomplishments, that’s exactly what she did. Abby hopes to motivate and encourage athletes of all levels to give their all and do their best. She particularly wants to support those who never thought they could succeed in the gym. Those who think they are too old, too out of shape or are just too scared to try. Because that’s where she started.

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