Thomas is passionate about sports and the outdoors, playing different rec team sports in college, began rock climbing in 2017, and was even an instructor at a zipline course. Thomas loves weight lifting (his one true passion besides petting dogs) but was constantly getting bored of the same old globo gym routine. When a friend introduced Thomas to CrossFit in 2018, all the pieces aligned. He quickly began seeing gains in his fitness goals as well as improvements in his health and quality of life. On top of the constantly varied programming, Thomas also found the CrossFit community was exceedingly unique and welcoming. You could be competing against someone for a whole class but then afterward you can go get tacos as if you weren’t just trying to beat them in a workout. Shortly after Thomas moved to New York in 2019, he decided that he wanted to show other people that fitness doesn’t have to be boring. He became a certified climbing instructor and personal trainer in 2020 and then received his CrossFit L1 in 2021, around the same time he found CrossFit Gantry. Though he was new to the area and the gym, CrossFit Gantry very quickly treated him as just another part of the squad. Thomas is looking forward to seeing you in the gym and getting to know you over a couple of tacos.

  • CrossFit L1
  • USAW L1 
  • The REady State L1

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