Monday 03.03.2014

Muscle up skill work
5 Rounds for time
10 Clusters (Squat clean thruster) 95/65#
5 Muscle ups

Everyone did a great job on Open workout 14.1.  We had several people get double unders for the first time, and or complete a full round of double unders (30) for the first time.   Thank you to everyone who participated on Saturday, both doing the actual workout and also counting and cheering for fellow athletes.   CrossFit Open workout 14.2 will be announced on Thursday night at 8 pm.

We know we will be seeing muscle ups during the Open. We have seen several first muscle ups in the last couple months. These two videos have some helpful tips on the muscle ups.  Tee first video addresses the false grip, tracing the middle and turing over to the bottom of the ring dip.  The second video talks about the explosive opening of the hip used on the kipping muscle up to help drive us up and over the rings.   Let’s start practicing.  Who will get their first one during the Open?


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