Saturday December 21st Class times 10,11 and Noon. Max 15 people per class.

Saturday December 21st will be a Team workout.  Class will be LIMITED TO 15 PEOPLE.  5 teams of 3 people.  We can have 3 mens teams (9 guys) and 2 girls teams (6 girls).  We will have the usual 10 am and 11am class, and if necessary a third class at Noon.  It is MANDATORY to SIGN UP before with your Team.  Once we have 15 people for the 10 am class, it will be CLOSED. If you show up at 10 and you are not on a team/signed up, you will have to wait until 11 am.  So reach out to some people now, make a team and sign up on the website.  There are no exceptions if we are over 15 people.  This is not because we don’t love having as many of you as possible in class at one time.  This is an equipment issue due to the workout.  You can confirm your team of 3 in the Gantry Group page on Facebook and I will put you on the class roster, OR you can log in to the member portal under the MEMBERS SECTION on the website and click the reservations link.  The calendar will pop up and you can click on the class.  Please have all teammates for this.  If you do not have a LOGIN password, I will send you a temporary one.

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