Tuesday 01.06.2014

Bench Press Week 1 Cycle 3
Wendler 5’s
Warm up sets
5 reps @ 40% of 90% 1RM
5 reps @ 50% of 90% 1RM
3 reps @ 60% of 90% 1RM
Working sets
5 reps @ 65% of 90% 1RM
5 reps @ 75% of 90% 1RM
5+ reps @ 85% of 90% 1RM

*On the final set you MUST get MORE THAN 5 reps
**Add 5#’s to your 1RM from last cycle before calculating 90% and working weights. If 1RM wasnt used last cycle, use Estimated 1RM based off of 1’s week work (Weight x reps x .0333 + weight)

Push-up ladder

Rest 5 minutes

1/2 BW front squat ladder

Open WOD:
Ring push-up ladder

Rest 5 minutes

Body-weight front squat ladder

For the ladder pattern, perform one rep the first minute, two reps the second minute, three reps the third minute, continuing as long as you are able. Use as many sets each minute as needed.

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